Cadillac Face @ Radio_FM, 12. Mar 2008

My very first media appearance. The beginning of my rise to popularity and stardom.


New song added. It's called Gym. Any comments are welcome, especially what you think would make it (and any of my songs) sound better.
I'd desperately need some producing/mixing/mastering lessons or a Steve Albini fucking with the knobs and sliders instead of me, because everytime I'm trying to cope with these things, by reading manuals and stuff, I just get more and more irritated and confused. And then I make aggressive music that nobody wants to play at their birthday parties.


My name is Kedilek. I live in Slovakia. This is my new website. I think I might be a musician. I don't enjoy making music, but I feel an urge to. I have been doing it for almost ten years. Maybe I've hoped it would redeem me. That's bullshit, because it wouldn't. But what else can I fuckin' do?


So this is my site, 'cause a young musician has to have a site nowadays in order to truly be a young musician taking his shit seriously. And I do. But that's not enough - if I want people visiting this site, I have to launch an effective marketing campaign. So be prepared to see me on your local TV stations in no time. And don't mind the Pitchfork hype. I'm not that good actually.

I hope you like the site, it looks pretty cool and stylish, doesn't it? Looks like photoshopped deviantart to you? So what! I like it. I made it myself. Credits for the textures used go to masterjinn and discolore from the United States, yawee from Germany and insan from Bahrain. What a globalized world we are indeed!

So here I made six standard sections, as seen on other standard bands websites, because I have no special imagination. News is where you are now and where I will be putting info once in a blue moon. Music is where you will find my discography with whole songs, EPs and albums to download. They are all for free, because art should be for free. Download them, listen to them, sing them, sample them, delete them from your hard drive - whatever, just remember I made them. And if your girlfriend asks who sings those lovely tunes you're listening to, tell her it's Cadillac Face. The only thing I don't want you to do with my music is to use it for commercial purposes. Which I doubt you would anyway.

The content of the lyrics section is pretty obvious, the art section should be a depo for my other creations apart from music, such as writings, doodlings or photos of mine, or even hi-res photos of me myself, so you can print them out and put them on the wall above your bed. The forum is where I will want you to write your opinions, questions, insults, etc., and if you prefer to do it personally, than you can find some contacts on me in the contact section.

Hopefully later, there will be a Live section too, but I'm not performing yet, despite several offers to play in several nice venues. I'm lame, I know. But I'm trying to do my best. I hope it's just a matter of months, and you will have the chance to see me sweating on the stage and muttering into the mic.

And if you really like the music and want to requite me for the pleasant experience you enjoyed by listening to it, feel free to send me any kind of donation, such like ornate saucers, teddy bears or love letters. I sometimes do that myself with artists that have gripped me (I usually send some money - yes, as I mentioned, I lack imagination). Well, I doubt you will, but hey, shit happens.