15 MM PB
i just wanna know if it's the right way to be at ease, as you are all the time. i see us wallow naked in the white snow, sliding on the ice, pelting snowballs. i just wanna know if it's the right place to be together, my hand in your sleeve. i behave so naturally as never, your red hair is blown by the wind. but you seem to be all right. i just wanna know if it's the right way to move, to smile, to shape my words. your pale skin, holy angel, is like hoarfrost, your ears are frozen, i can give you my cap. but you say it is all right. i just wanna know if you're real, fey, or just an imagination of my brain. your lips are hot even in this cold town, your beady eyes could penetrate the 15 mm lead door of my vault. but you seem to be unreal

this song's for the trees, for the swell swishy trees. this song's for our moms and your sisters. i call welcome and hi to you. i promise i'll travel around the world with you, but before, i'll have to OD myself on antideps. (clip my strings, my hands.) sing this song for the trees. if i had a new microphone, not such a crap, oh i promise i'd put this shit out on some nice indie label, such as rough trade, matador, domino, secretly canadian or constellation maybe. around the world, i promise. but before, i'll have to OD myself on antideps. OD myself. tis a song for the trees. oh i promise i'll be more talkative. i'll have my smile less repulsive. but before, i'll have to OD myself on antideps

i'm a horse that runs from its home. i'm a horse away from its home. i'm a horse recalling its home. /// will you sleep again with yr friend? you're a sorceress, but i thought you were under law. in yr face i see my solitude. there's nothing to call for. you're pretty cool with your polished wand yeah. and here's your parking card. oh what a cute skirt. /// she was the frog queen. she was our love. she was amazing. she was nonplussed. and now she's at my party. she got red cheeks. she got long plaids. and she was standing at the foot of the staircase. and now she's at my party. she was innocent. she was too young. and now she's smoking pot at my party. she's smoking at my party. /// oh don't blame me, don't blame me. i'm not a pornographer, not a pervert. i'm just a lonely boy. a lonely and desperate boy

i can't let this happen. she can't let this happen. i can't afford this babe. i can't afford this much. a stand inlaid with diamonds. a stand inlaid with gold. there's salt on my shoes. there's salt on your lips. are you for sale, hon? are you for sale, too? --..(:,--;).

away from the loud crowd. don't call me to your damn parties. i guess i would not fit. it's always fun without me. i'm not the type you need at all. i could do something stupid before you realize i'm gone. so long. away from the loud crowd. don't call me to your damn parties. i guess i would not fit. it's always fun without me. i'm not the type you need at all. i could do something stupid before you realize i'm gone. don't ask me about the girls. you know i'm not the one who has the powers to flirt. don't call me out in the city. i can't take the risk not even the alcohol will help unbind my tongue. away from the loud crowd

Caddy held me and I could hear us all, and the darkness, and something I could smell. And then I could see the windows, where the trees were buzzing. Then the dark began to go in smooth, bright shapes, like it always does, even when Caddy says that I have been asleep.

i see city specters. how can i get out of here? how can i look into your eyes?

There was a clock, high up in the sun, and I thought about how, when you dont want to do a thing, your body will try to trick you into doing it, sort of unawares. I could feel the muscles in the back of my neck, and then I could hear my watch ticking away in my pocket and after a while I had all the other sounds shut away, leaving only the watch in my pocket. Father said clocks slay time. He said time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.

i'm living in ponyland, i live in my house. i'm gaining on strength. start to think of my house. and with this teenage ennui of mine, my friends call me ghost and the girls call me.. you know. i'm living in ponyland. oh i won't i won't break this. don't tell me about your river. can i? you can have it all. now you can drink. dear brothers & sisters, you now have the choice. you can work in alaska and dream about being well. you can gain on strength or not. you can work in california and you can be more alive. then you can write letters to your mom and your girlfriend. we won't look for house and allies. you can, friends. i'm living in ponyland, i'm living in my house. this teenage ennui, this teenage trite. all my friends are living in the US. all my friends are PR managers. you can live in ponyland. whenever you want to, just drop in. all my friends are living in the US. all my friends are PR managers. la la la

all the things we found were just theatrical fixture. pitch black chimneys rise to the sky. dumbledore is dead. you are no more a child. holograph needed. have some drink on saturday night, oho. gotta cope with it somehow. you'll learn soon there is no dark force to hide behind

floats and strings, tricks and harms. a snowy road driven apart. oxygen in a current of fresh air. your mild hair. your indignant stare. stripped in the rays of your look i feel like a showcase. i know i'm obtrusive but i can't help myself. few of them live in a den without water, some of them get ovation in crystal parlors. silent ticks in the flower dials choir. she is the purpose. getting aqcuainted takes a while. (old books, good marks, teen favourite.) who takes you home? (party with, speak to, smile at.) who takes you home? i'll miss you girl. oh yeah, tuesday wednesday friday. a very fat crow is picking my hands up. go back to ukraine, your kind is here not welcome. the wheather's like it's going to rain, but i bet it won't. it's only good to get me down. i will hang around. at 5 p.m. it's almost dark, i think i'll go to sleep. there's only one face in my mind, i guess she's gonna marry me. harvard princeton yale. why do you look so pale? be my girlfriend, let's go out, this night feels promising

specters lurking in golden, specters lurking in golden. twilight, lovely october, wiped out. the bright shine of the inferno. tasty pussies on a tray each day. praising words through a window. messin bout with a gizmo without a name. it's not like i've ever known you. it's screeching under the table. hold on your skin. silence is like rousing drops. if you feel you still could be mine, it would fall and i'm just gonna partner, psychic darker. taste my little contrition, turn it on a good while. she spends her money on a disco, crouching in a corner out of sight. there's a dusky shining outside, it's like autumn's drawing nearer. stop hiding behind a rusty wreck of a car. it's senseless. i was there and direct. darn of a mirror. current speed and knowledge less of in the home lap. (enter your own version of the subsequent lyrics here)

perhaps in an other car or in the next bar i'll be a star and you'll treat me like a gentleman. but till then we'll smoke our last cigarettes, leave bloodstains on our bedspreads. our homes are on fire. our friends are on screen. it's so easy to say, we're in general decay. you fight on the funny side. i'm with the coke dealers, gas pimps and flashlights with pistols and rifles. i spent too many years trying to find other ways to get by. but christ, you have changed. now hand out the housekeys, go with the rain, give me the carkeys, run take the plane. go run away, don't ever come back. don't forget your suitcase. you're no longer a gentleman. she needs a real gentleman, not a sentimental institution of a friend, not a secret little dark covenant. fun times, fun times, fags and wine. fun times, fun times, shut it up now

take me for a walk. show me to the boss. come across. tidy up your words into elegant structures. call me up at night. tell me how i suck, you corporate fuck. you make me wanna set your corporate suit on fire. baby patriot. yeah right, handsome idiot, go work out at the gym tonight. you never drive your car with the seatbelt on. oh what fun. what a pity you have never got into a car crash. we all know your mommy, we all know your daddy, we all know. we all know your favourite color, favourite food and favourite pet. but i don't care what you got. no, i don't care, idiot. go work out at the gym tonight. i gotta give you credit for not giving a shit about what we think, about who we are, about what we need, about what we feel. for you i'm just a punk, a minor pain at best. what a pest. all you need to do is to squeeze us dry. i hate you ignorants, from the bottom of my heart. and i will rave and rant at the top of my lungs. i despise your authority. i feel no awe. and i, oh i believe that one day we'll overcome

boulders in the sky. you would always roam the night. boulders in the sky. swing your axes, juvenile. getting laid in various towns, have nothing else on you but your gown. getting laid in various towns, have nothing else on you but your blouse. caress my forehead, pillow my bones. i might get spastic, you have been told. i know it won't last as long as you say. time and indifference will wash it away

well, it's a little disco for little sassies. there are flashlights that enshroud your pale faces. you can burn in your hell like you always wanted. you can fry in your gravy like you always wanted. i am the last monster on the earth. i emit the roars from which your blood curdles. you can't elude my long claws. you can't escape from my sharp jaws. can you count the days when you fell asleep at daytime? well, on the wide ocean i'll be the captain. how long have you been here watching my steps? you say, hey come now, i say beat it. i am the last monster on the earth. i emit the roars from which your blood curdles. you can't elude my long claws. you can't escape from my sharp jaws i've got a crack in my head, is the rumour widespread. i'm so bloody lonely baby & you're so bloody lovely baby. we can take this apart

wish you good luck girl

you take your friends out where the photograph shows. dilated pupils, luscious and bold. i walk the corridors in flourescent light. i wish i could have died that night. you press your lilac lips on mouths of everyday men. i use my sulphur throat as a choir organ. you could have written the big book of everyday life. there's no damn way, can't give up the fight. light up the dark with your cigarette lighter and draw your lips near to an awkward distance. try to dance with your silhoutte. you might as well be dead until next day morning

i better not deal with the city. and i can't i can't remember anything. and i can't do that safe lying. set it safe, i can't can't. i can't afford it yet. i'm afraid that we are alone, alone in the field. we could sow around the part and then change wrists. i love again, i love again. i take the part reason. i take the ten tropes. john, do they dance? we are. who was to ohio? don't ever prink. don't ever think of this one. i've got a tape, i've got a dawn redactor. i got johnny in the first outing. human and flood on our poor A's, with the company craze and the ship haze. where my hands, where my hands are charred by my wealth. my dawn century, a constant hand, and you don't know him. ha-halt. i'll burn my pennant and take the motor out. take the notice down on the carpet. oh you extent changers. therefore i hiss that it will line up. you never get hold of the chaos. is it funny? is it funny or is it a part? part? part? i don't swim. now somewhat we should. ah la la lice. i want that we should do for extent. ah yes. why use? i failed to raise a tent, talked my head down, and i fell in love again. waists down yeah. a man's gonna wait and then a person stood crying as the tension is frail, but i am not

she sat in the shade of a tree in the park. it was fall and the leaves stroked her hair. she peered in the distance at the hurrying folk with an absent-minded stare. i approached her and asked if i could take a seat, but she didn't seem to care. in her tiny hands she held a collection of poems by Guilliame Apollinaire. and the drone of cars passing by. and the sun's twinkling lights. and the newly-wed couples arguing 'bout paying the rent. she started to laugh at the people and their fancy clothes. laugh at the people and their ringing phones. she laughed at the boys and the girls and their stupid chattering and their make-believe. dear young girl, i didn't want to disturb, i apologize. i'll leave you alone with your musings and thoughts and the observation of the young businessmen with their black suitcases precisely maintaining their paces and the confident missies with their Louis Vuitton replicas. she laughed at the people and their fancy clothes. she laughed at the people and their ringing phones. she laughed at the boys and the girls holding each other's hand, afraid of making any mistakes not to break the other's heart, not knowing that true love won't fall apart. won't ever fall apart

you're welcome, you're welcome here. take your umbrella in the rain. you're so young. let's rove the island, let's go through, then dress up in front of the beach. let's get over with this taught charade. i'm on my way to the sea. we're the heroes of our own. i didn't have the luck to get lucky. what should i do? what should i do? i still am a waste, no matter how hard i try. but i still can't be done, no matter how hard i try. and i noticed they are alone. they won't give you a horse they trust the most. i have to haunt the landscape. no, i won't be long. i want an escape. i won't be long. oh tis a changing weather, these are changing times. let's dress in shorts and shoes, let's make a goodbye party for them. i'm on my way to the see, i won't be long. let's put our hats on, let's say 'sing on'

intact boys are urged to avoid the use of bubble bath. there are men who can't retract the foreskin behind the glans. they have to masturbate in a different way. they rub the glans through the foreskin with the palm of their hand. but well, one of my friends having phimosis as well, stood between two chairs heaving himself up & down, rubbing his member between his thighs or rubbing his member to the abdomen, the thigh, a table, the edge of a chair. men with phimosis often complain that the only problem they have is that other people tell them they have a problem. singit. this anatomical inhibition has emotional consequences that make a persons behaviour less flexible, less spontaneous, he's less able to respond to life`s various situations. he adopts safe roles, he fears the girls, having humble wishes and intentions

will they make a goodbye party for all us tired and broken-hearted? i'm fond of the place where i had grown up. oh i wish to leave till it's not too late. i wish to leave till it's not too late. it's always becoming confused and complex. see our commotion. see all our friends go outbound for good. and your azorean friends would fill the air with fireworks and laughter, while you'd stand aside. and then this girl called vitória would hold your hand and touch your cheeks where tears had glimmered in the strobe lights, and you would faintly smile. and if you want, just come over. why not come over? you're only two days in ponta delgada. while we were dancing in your bedroom, slowly it turned tuesday, and you would faintly smile. the star-strewn sky all filled with fireworks reminds you of your childhood dreams all dead

Did you ever have a sister? No but they're all bitches. Did you ever have a sister? One minute she was. Bitches. Not bitch one minute she stood in the door Dalton Ames. Dalton Ames. Dalton Shirts. I thought all the time they were khaki, army issue khaki, until I saw they were of heavy Chinese silk or finest flannel because they made his face so brown his eyes so blue. Dalton Ames. It just missed gentility. Theatrical fixture. Just papier-mache, then touch. Oh. Asbestos. Not quite bronze. But wont see him at the house. Caddy's a woman too remember. She must do things for women's reasons too.

this is lost. whoever says this is a bridge, lies. this is lost. rivershed tights and i've seen it with my own two eyes. this is lost. rusty fences and wrecked swings, down. this is lost. you came to me, an opportunity. this is lost. whoever keeps you on a good time, lies. this is lost. a city with a brand new voice swells. this is lost. i'll meet you in the waiting room, broken. with my own two eyes, broken. with my own two eyes, broken. // this is lost. whoever tells you it can be wrong, it's lost. whoever tries to set back the sills, it's lost. with a generous mind walk through the parks. it's lost. the windows you can't open because they are all broken. it's lost. there's a time when we will part, when you'll tear my heart apart. it's lost, oh it's lost. today the clouds are dark & the streets cold. tell me please where does this lead. i guess it's lost. a humble job will suit me, i don't want any duties. it's lost anyway, anyway. will you flood this with your tears, luv. will you flood this with your tears, oh luv. // i think we could go out. i know a place you'll like. there are some cute pets, don't mind that they have three heads. come to see the hounds of hell, hon. i hate myself, i hate the city that makes me feel lonely. all over the crowd. i'm sober tonight. i hate the things i like. it's for the times you'll be my wife. come to see the hounds of hell, hon

etch it on a fucking piece of wood. i'm gonna tell them that i'm never ever fucking gonna start or quit. well you may do it for the girls but the girls never ask you. you leave them scattered like those flypapers for free on the quay. your hundred dollar fragrancy is never gonna leave you. i can simply tell it by the scent you leave abroad. yeah now i'm absolutely positive about my condition. completely oblivious to anything else. satan be here. fill us with anxiety. bless us with fear. fractures and good restaurants, dark hallways and wide corridors. now press your lips against the glass. well that sounds quite familiar. i wish that we could meet sometime. completely adorable oh, i'm utterly flattered. now shut it, answer the phone. satan be here. fill us with anxiety. bless us with fear

od úsvitu po západ slnka v líščej nore ukrývam sa. na jesenského cestu robia. prach sa víri, stroje hučia. na hviezdoslavku, v malom parku, všetky reči sveta počuť. pred americkou ambasádou štyria muži v čiernom stoja. na radlinského električky pozvali ma na večeru. a pred tescom mladík kričí do mobilu 'jebem na to'. a na hlavnom sedia prváčky z GJH. a na šafku s rukou vo vačku fajčí kubo davidoffky. na gottwalďáku húlia trávu stonožky a pásomnice. na esenpéčku bíty dunia. v laverne sa dnes večer žije. na koho to slovo padne. na koho to slovo padne

i think if we two joined, we would be a pair. our hearts lie in the people, joined round. it would be good now, cause.. yeah, girl. who're yr friends? i think the marmots are yr friends. who're yr friends? i think the marmots are yr friends. you have them on yr shelves. i think the marmots are yr friends. yeah. for I love you. for I'm loving you

who was picking the sand up from my hand? who was tugging at the threadbare rugs? splattering noises. you are no crew. you can screw this whole place up, bunny. trip sun, real love, honey. clitty scrap dicky. spin on the globe. i bellow, spin on the globe! i'm spreading your hope. I'm spreading your hope throughout the globe. it's fuckin over. no september. no october. no november. no december. well, who was pickin up the sand up from my hand? who was tugging at the threadbare rugs? no september. no october. no november. no december

we're standing at the top of the mountain. into this valley we will fall. cause i slept drowning. c'mere to watch the sadness. reach you cause you were supposed. cause dying is lonely, so living has to be collective. if dying is lonely, so my living is the loneliest thing. if i turn out to be a daughter for eyes in acted bother. ring behind the secrets, look behind their eye-torn sleep. my mobile is ringing, i won't pick it up. my rusty sidelines, i won't pick it up. my mobile is singing, i won't pick it up. everything is lonely, i zoom in my dying. so where is the only, singing out tonight. singing in my dreams. holding me in my dreams. kissing me in my dreams. so we're alone tonight

you want to forget those days of shades of gray, plastered walls and empty space. you want to forget those days of blood and rape, when you were threatened to kneel with a knife to your nape. you want to forget those days. oh how easy a prey. he said call me daddy. you said no please wait. oh you want to forget those days, you clumsy bear, you dancing sprite, you wounded mare. he said let's teach these kids some deference. i've got the right. they have the pants. he said let's teach these kids some deference. i've got the might. they have the rants. you will never know the joys of life. you will never know the joys of love

can we have it? can we look at the boy standing at the canonicals? can we have a drink with the dilligent girl, singing back what last night she has heard. i mean, we all do know that it's time to sing. i mean, we all do know, with the locusts and the bees and the fleas and the trees and its leaves and the moths and the gnats and the aphis. we expect that you will come when we call, that you'll answer the phone at last and that you won't look like you're having fun, but you'll really have fun with us. i mean, we all do know how the things are these days. i mean, we all do know how the things have changed, with the starlings, the chaffinch, the wrens and crows, with the sparrows. with the woodcocks, the ruddocks, larks and swallows, yeah we all do know

nechcem svoje víkendy trávi?ť doma. chcem vysloviť v?aku v?šetkým ?o ma milujú. chcem vás ?úbi?ť. chcem od radosti krútiť chvostom. chcem vidieť? Oklahomu. chcem bozka?ť javorové listy a lepiť? si ich semená na nos. chcem snoriť? po bu?iacich chrobákoch. chcem lákať? malé deti na cukrovú trstinu. nechcem svoje víkendy trávi?ť doma

how dare you lie to me, my only one? waiting for another one day, waiting for another one year, but nothing changes, it's still the same. i lost my sight, i can't see anyone. waiting for another one day, waiting for another one year, but nothing changes, it's still the same. i waste my time among you everyone. waiting for another one day, waiting for another one year, but nothing changes, it's still the same

we have petite girls, buxom girls, and everything in-between. we have brunettes, blondes, redheads, and girls who dye it different every day. we have innocent angels, naughty vixens, and amateur girls-next-door. we have girls outside, girls inside, and girls lying on the floor. we have girls smoking, girls kissing and girls masturbating. we have girls stripping, girls sleeping and girls body-painting