caddy smelled like trees

this is a strange record. at the time i wrote it, i had had little experience with electronic music production (not that i have much more now) and i just started discovering various kinds of audio software that i couldn't really cope with (i still can't really cope with audio software, to be honest). so there came the idea of creating a shoddy noise & glitch concept album abstractly dedicated to my favourite novel of all times, faulkner's "the sound and the fury". after a couple of days or weeks, i don't remember really, the work was abandoned and would, of course, be never returned to. the result is these six songs. digital noise textures, trashy drums, lo-fi overdriven guitars and microsoft sam quoting passages from the novel - the stuff is bizarre, but interesting still and surprisingly quite listenable. besides, i think i have never since succeeded to create such an emotionally overwhelming atmosphere of melancholy as on the instrumental "quentin commits suicide". one of my own favourites, ahem..