you press your lilac lips on mouths of everyday men
i use my sulphur throat as a choir organ

there are these recurring themes, i know. sexuality as struggle, sexuality as anxiety and confusion, women as promiscuous and salacious hypocrites, men as the driving force of the socio-darwinistic scheme... you could call it teenage angst. or misogyny. or emo. whatever. this one was somehow more inspired by reminescence and imagery about my ex. well, it's more imagery than factual remembrance, but the inspiration is there, whatever the result is. it's distorted reminiscences of an intense relationship spent in smoky dorm rooms, ending abtruptly, drowned in indifference. musically somewhere between trashy electro, overproduced noise-pop and creepy ambient.

originally released on the compilation Noize Konspiracy 7

cover photo by Conor Lamb, cleveland, US